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Pre-print - articles accepted for publication in nearest issue

Zaida Ortega, Luis Suarez, Jake Kelly-Walley, Mark McCourt
pages 1-13
keywords: rotomolding, abaca, cycle time, mechanical properties, DMA, composite

article version pdf (3.53MB)

Jakub Smoleń
pages 1-10
keywords: carbon fibers, recycling, pyrolysis, polymer concretes, composites

article version pdf (0.65MB)

Swagatika Mishra, Punyapriya Mishra, Punyatoya Mishra, Deepak Kumar Mohapatra, Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Krushna Prasad Shadangi
pages 1-12
keywords: CRPMC, lead-free ceramic, epoxy, SEM, mechanical properties

article version pdf (0.30MB)

Abbasali Saboktakin, Hossein Safaei
pages 1-9
keywords: textile preforms, mesomodeling, aerospace, composite, characterization

article version pdf (0.42MB)

Solomon Mesfin, Robinson Gnanadurai Rengiah, Melese Shiferaw, Tesfa Guadie
pages 1-8
keywords: water lily, natural fiber reinforced composite, chopped fiber, flexural strength, tensile strength

article version pdf (0.18MB)

Dinesh Kumar, Satnam Singh, Surjit Angra
pages 1-19
keywords: aluminium nanocomposite, density, porosity, microhardness, tensile strength, TEM analysis, SEM analysis, grain size analysis

article version pdf (0.83MB)
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