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Effect of sintering temperature and isostatic pressure on selected properties of selected electrical contact materials manufactured by hot isostatic pressing

Dariusz Kołacz, Joanna Kulasa, Karol Krukowski, Anna Hury, Grzegorz Muzia, Małgorzata Osadnik, Jarosław Kalabis

Quarterly No. 2, 2023 pages 67-75


keywords: hot isostatic pressing, sintering, metallic powder, composite, sinter, contact material, hardness, density

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abstract This paper presents the results of studies on the consolidation of metallic and composite powders by the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process intended for electrical contact materials. Ag, Cu metallic powders, as well as AgW48Re2, AgRe1 and CuW47Re3 composite powders were used in the investigations. Green compacts for consolidation and hot sintering under pressure were prepared by double-sided axial pressing in steel dies. The density, electrical conductivity, and hardness were measured on the obtained sinters after the HIP process, and the microstructure was examined on selected ones. The research indicates that applying this technology allows good quality electrical material to be obtained, intended for electrical contact material.

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