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Study of Mechanical and Morphological properties of CCTO-BT/epoxy composite

Swagatika Mishra, Punyapriya Mishra, Punyatoya Mishra, Deepak Kumar Mohapatra, Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Krushna Prasad Shadangi

Quarterly No. 3, 2023 pages 123-128


keywords: CRPMC, lead-free ceramic, epoxy, SEM, mechanical properties

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abstract The demand for environment-friendly ceramic reinforced polymer matrix composite (CRPMC) fabrication leads to the development of lead-free CRPMC. Calcium copper titanate (CCTO) and barium titanate (BT) are two of the most widely used lead-free ceramics for embedded capacitor applications. In the present study, the mechanical and morphological properties of both single and hybrid ceramic (CCTO and BT) filled epoxy composites were evaluated and compared with the unfilled pure epoxy resin. Hand lay-up followed by the compression molding technique were used to synthesize the CRPMC samples. Among the single filler CRPMCs, the BT/epoxy composite exhibited better mechanical properties and density values than the CCTO/epoxy composite. The 60:40 ratio hybrid CCTO-BT/epoxy composite possessed the highest mechanical properties and density values in contrast to the other composite specimens. The SEM micrographs of the fractured surfaces of the BT and CCTO CRPMC specimens were found to have a rougher and wavier appearance than the unfilled epoxy.

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