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Influence of EDM process parameters of novel Al7010/B4C/BN hybrid metal matrix nanocomposite

Gopichand Dirisenapu, Laxmanaraju Salavaravu, Lingaraju Dumpala

Quarterly No. 4, 2023 pages 191-196

DOI: https://doi.org/10.62753/ctp.2023.02.4.4

keywords: nanocomposites, EDM, material removal rate, tool wear rate, surface roughness

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abstract In this present research work, the electrical discharge machining (EDM) characteristics of an Al7010/2%B4C/2%BN (the reinforcement particles are taken as wt %) hybrid metal matrix nanocomposite (HMMNC) are discussed. The effect of the EDM process variables like the discharge current (I), pulse on time (Pon), pulse off time (Poff) and gap voltage (Vg) on the response characteristics like the material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR), and surface roughness (SR) are presented. The results revealed that the MRR, TWR, and SR grew with an increase in Ip and Pon. MRR, TWR, and SR increased with a rise in Poff up to 25 μs then declined. MRR, TWR, and SR decreased with an increment in gap voltage. The highest MRR was observed for a discharge current of 8 A, Pon of 60 μs, Poff of 25 μs and Vg of 30 V. SR and TWR were the smallest at Ip of 2 A, Pon of 15 μs, Poff of 55 μs and Vg of 60 V. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) micrographs of the machined surfaces revealed voids, craters and micro cracks.

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