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Effect of boundary conditions and metal alloy layer on natural frequencies of fibre metal laminates

Nandure Narayan Rao, Sirapu Sirisha, Pavuluri M. V. Rao, Sujith Bobba

Quarterly No. 2, 2023 pages 97-103


keywords: edge conditions, FEM, fibre metal laminate, natural frequencies, numerical method

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abstract The natural frequencies and mode shapes of fibre metal laminates (FMLs) were numerically investigated and validated using commercially available finite element analysis software (ANSYS). Various grades of GLARE and FML were considered for free vibration analysis, and the effect of the central metal layer and aspect ratios on the frequencies were analysed for simply supported, clamped edge conditions. The obtained fundamental frequencies, natural frequencies and mode shapes comply with the available literature. The effect of the outermost metal layer on the natural frequencies was also investigated for various combinations of edge conditions. The obtained results indicate that there is a significant effect of the central and outermost metal layer on the natural frequencies, irrespective of the edge conditions and aspect (width/length) ratios.

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